The story

"My walls are warmed not by the sun of the pale winter but by the vibrations of all the hearts to which I have been able to give moments of happiness."

The Castle

Located on a hill about 5km from the center of Biella and known for its vineyards since the 13th century, Montecavallo Castle has been a wine production site since it was built in 1830.

Built on the remains of a 13th-century stronghold house, the project, entrusted to architect Dupuy, incorporates many elements of the famous Altacomba Abbey and represents one of the rare Neo-Gothic expressions found in Piedmont.

In addition to the vineyards, which surround the entire property, the castle is surrounded by a large forest and a garden, designed at the same time as the castle and a typical representation of what is called an "Italian garden."

The Vineyards

Terroir and Nature

Wine is an expression of terroir.

This is where we start from when we make our wines: the altitude of the Montecavallo hill at 450 meters above sea level and the proximity to the mountains ensure cool nights even during the summer, guaranteeing the enhancement of small fruit aromas; the sands in the soils, combined with the slope of the vineyards, allow for rapid drainage of water in the soil, which results in greater concentration of flavors and minerals in the wine; finally, the acidity of the earth gives peculiar freshness and elegance.

Elements that give the wines a perfect balance of body, harmony, savoriness but above all freshness, both aromatic and gustatory.

This perfect dance of elements is then combined with spontaneous biodiversity: the woods directly border the vineyard, making possible the natural interaction between different varieties of flora and fauna.

Our mission is precisely also to protect and preserve this ecosystem, of which we feel we are members and guardians.

The Family

For us, wine is a family story.

A passion handed down for centuries and now passed on to Tomaso and Martina Incisa della Rocchetta.

"Making wine is primarily for us to respect and preserve what surrounds us and has been handed down to us. With this in mind, in addition to vineyard management, we implement the care of the forest surrounding the vineyards, as well as support for beekeeping in the vineyard and the recovery of old vineyards and terracing, with the aim of safeguarding the land and preserving its identity, history and uniqueness for future generations."