"It is from the roots that a good wine is born."

The Historical Cellar

Montecavallo's historic winery is a plunge into the past:

At the cutting edge of technology for the time, the winery, built in 1830, was developed on three floors: the upper floor, well ventilated and warm, was for drying grapes; the middle floor was for winemaking operations; and the lower, basement floor was for aging in large barrels.

The winery still has all the original equipment of the time: barrels and chariots, large vats and the real star, the huge wooden wine press from 1840.

After 150 years of use, the winery is now used as a museum-a unique place to immerse yourself in and daydream.

The Modern Cellar

Making wine is also about creating emotions.

Our wines come to life under brick vaults supported by granite columns, and rest in wooden barrels in a charming Gothic-arched stone gallery, in darkness and absolute silence.

Our wine cellar, in the shade of a 100-year-old oak tree, is located within the premises of the former stables. It is a functional environment that complements and breathes new life into premises conceived two centuries ago.